Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cotton Canday on a Rainy Day

In the poem " Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day" , Nikki Giovanni shows where she's fading away in the midst of her own world. The title of this poem gives the poem a very complex tone.However , I believe I took this poem from different perspectives. When kids are given cotten candy it is normally suppose to bring them happines or in some state of feeling better. Once cotten candy touches something wet or our salvia it dissolves.On a rainy day the cotten candy is destroyed or dissolved in the rain , and the cotten candy would eventually disappered or turn into a hard piece of candy. I think Giovanni was comparing herself to the cotten candy. On this rainy day she began to feel like she was fading away and everything around her seemed so gloomy.This also reflects the tone of this poem giving it a very sad and lonely attitude/tone.  The poet uses imagery to illustrate the way things occur in her life. She notes "  Things keep popping out on my face or of my life". The reader could imagine bumps popping out of her face to connect the idea of things falling out of her life.  Life seemed to be sweet but would soon turn into something negative because of the occurences in her life. Giovanni began to feel very transparent due to this gloomy day.


  1. your response to the poem is nice. you show a sense of understanding and empathy for the poet, which allows you to connect and critique it well.

  2. I agree to what Ayuana says in her post about "Cotton Candy on a rainy Day". I like how you symbolized the cotton candy and it dissolving, to relate it to Giovanni's life. Seems to me this author goes through some things in life, and so thatsh why she gave her poem this title. It was very creative.

  3. The poem was very nice great connection and a very good understanding and state of emotion