Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kidnap Poem

In the poem “Kidnap poem”, I could tell it was spoken from the heart. The word ‘kidnap’ gave away the idea of this poem. To be captured by the author and her words was the goal of the speaker, which reflected the title. There were a lot of words that were used to show the image of relaxation. Words like ‘island’ and ‘beach’ gave off the idea of relaxing. The speaker wanted the reader to understand her thoughts and feelings on things when she writes poetry. The structure of this poem doesn’t explain her mood or what’s going on. However, it is similar to the previous poem where she doesn’t use capitals letters and make the poem all in one stanza. Although we’ve only read two poems from this particular book, I am starting to assume that the lower case letters through out the poem symbolize something Nikki Giovanni was experiencing. Towards the end she says “anything to win you wrap you in the red Black green”. I noticed that the color black stood out from the other two colors that were mentioned. The B is capitalizing unlike the other letters. In my opinion this could mean something, but it’s hard analyze what exactly she means. One can assume that the color black was something she value, which could possibly relate back the African American Society.


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