Monday, December 10, 2012



In the poem “Records” the speaker is Nikki Giovanni because she speaks from first person point of view. She uses the letter “I” a lot in this poem , which can also show that she was the speaker of this poem. The idea of the poem was created too remember and record specific events during Nikki Giovanni’s lifetime. However, the structure of the poem also conveys a message without using words. Given that, the Poem was written in one stanza one can assume that this poem is written in a since of urgency and while trying to remember important events. Unlike the other poems Nikki Giovanni doesn’t use capital letters. It seems as if she was just trying to get the writing of the poem over with.  This poem seems to highlight Nikki Giovanni’s thoughts that she has to get out in order for others to understand her struggle.  The tone/attitude of this poem seems to be sad and explains the speaker’s experiences in the midst of events that are occurring during the civil rights movement. She uses a lot of words that relates to death or things being destroyed. I believe she wanted us to understand that it is important for us to destroy society’s stereotypes in order for people to live a peaceful and free life.

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